Community and Global Outreach

At Rolling Hills we believe in having a healthy balance of “INreach” and “OUTreach.” Our outreach efforts move beyond our walls, meeting people where they are…looking for ways to demonstrate the love of Christ in meaningful ways. As a church, we believe it is both a privilege and a responsibility to invest in the lives of people in ways that express the love of Jesus.


Jesus challenged His disciples to leave their comfort zone and step out in faith to sacrificially serve others. He did so in the context of discipleship relationships – intentional one-on-one relationships that are focused on making all areas of our lives a faith filled journey.

We seek to honor those engaged in intentional discipleship relationships by offering missional experiences where, together, they will be challenged to grow closer to Jesus as they spend time sacrificially serving and ministering to others. We then seek to provide “on-ramps” for discipleship pairs to engage in missional service within our local community.

We encourage you to consider the call of Jesus to discipleship and service as you explore the Community Global Outreach ministry of Rolling Hills.

Practical Love is being Jesus to those in our community and world. Together we can make a difference.
Together we can express Practical Love.

During the month of February, we shared some amazing stories of #PracticalLove and our dreams of the future. Through out the year, we are raising funds to expand our efforts throughout our community and world. We invite you to engage in Practical Love through praying, giving and serving today!