Global Outreach

Rolling Hills encourages people to go where God is leading them, but we recognize that our resources are limited. We also understand the value that comes from focusing our efforts in specific areas, so we have chosen two countries—Serbia and Nicaragua—where we have established church-to-church partnerships that go back many years.

We are committed to providing trained teams that are not only aligned with our mission to live out Jesus’ call to make disciples one person at a time, but that are also committed to coming alongside our partner churches to meet the needs outlined by each church so as to empower them in their mission. For this reason, our teams are based made up of people who are in discipleship relationships and actively engaged in helping one another grow spiritually. The purpose of each missional experience is to transform people to be more committed followers of Jesus Christ by deepening their relationship with Him and others.

Our global missional experiences will typically require an 8–9 month commitment from members, when they will get engaged in team building, team meetings, discipleship, cultural education, and fundraising. If your discipleship community would like to participate in a missional experience, please contact Dave Carr at

We welcome your commitment to the kingdom and celebrate the changes God will make in your heart as you bravely step into the world to proclaim His message.




In the early 1960s, Leskovac Evangelical Church was planted in what was then Communist Yugoslavia. Under Communist rule, members of the Church were often persecuted, harassed, and sent to prison because of their faith. But Leskovac Evangelical Church persevered and flourished. In the late 1970s, the Church began reaching out to the Roma people, the “outcasts” of the community.

When Communism fell in the 1990s, Yugoslavia began breaking up and Serbia became an independent country. Wars, sanctions, internal strife, and NATO bombings followed. Again, Leskovac Church persevered.

Today, Leskovac Evangelical Church is a faith community of Serbs, Romas, and Chinese who fellowship and work together as one in Christ.


Verbo Church seeks to minister to the people of their community as they build relationships and demonstrate Christ’s love by providing medical attention, building homes, providing jobs, and visiting those in prison. Through the faithfulness of Verbo Church, the Kingdom of God is being extended into their community, region and nation.

Led by Pastor Earl Bowie, Verbo Church has a growing, vibrant congregation. The Church also oversees two Verbo Christian Schools with approximately 1000 students, and the Casa Bernabe Orphanage. Currently, the orphanage is home to 100 children, ages 2 and 21. Pastor Earl was himself orphaned early in life and was raised by his grandparents.



Erik and Rhonda have been Church Planting Partners in Japan since 2006. Along with their children; Andrew, Katrina and Isaac, they have partnered with a Japanese congregation since 2012 to start a new faith community in a city devastated by three disasters in March 2011.

In Japan, Christians make up less than 1% of the population, so the ministry in Japan is two-fold. Erik and Rhonda come alongside the Japanese Christian leaders to encourage them and support them in their work of reaching out with Jesus’ love to people in the community. They directly build relationships with individuals through English classes which include Bible times, a Mama Club for young mothers and their children, and community outreach. They share Biblical truth at adult outreaches, children’s camps and special events. It is the desire of Erik and Rhonda and their family to see not only individuals but entire families come to know Jesus Christ and His great love for them.

Dan is the regional director for Campus Crusade for Christ’s Balkan Region, Eastern Europe. He mentors the national leaders of CCC in Albania, Kosovo, Croatia, Bosnia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova as they seek to develop dynamic spiritual movements of multiplying disciples of Jesus. He also serves on the CCC area leadership team for Eastern Europe and Russia.

Alma has been the Albania CCC Associate National Team Leader for a number of years and now oversees the International School Project in Albania, a ministry to train school teachers how to use a character development school curriculum. Dan and Alma were married in 2012, have a son named Kaleb and live in Tirana, Albania.

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The Mission of Campus Crusade for Christ (CC) on college campuses is to see students won to Christ, built in their faith, and sent for a life time of walking with the Lord and serving Him. Steve and Kathy serve with CC in the Greater Northwest Region of the U.S. As a Regional Director, Steve helps give leadership to about 220 CC staff in these 7 western states. Steve and Kathy also give leadership to the staff that are serving in eight international partnership locations. Kathy is specifically working with the 50 CC staff moms in our region. She is helping to bring resource and encouragement to them as they care for their children while engaging in campus ministry.

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Athletes in Action’s vision is to see a day when there are Christ-followers on every team, in every sport, in every nation. Mike and Staci’s focus is to build spiritual movements everywhere through the platform of sports so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus. At Eastern Washington, the Elsners work towards this mission by sharing the Gospel through the language of sport with team Bible studies, discipleship one-on-ones, all-athlete weekly meetings, retreats, camps and mission trips.

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First Image has been working to live out God’s heart to renew his image in the lives of those that have been impacted by sexual brokenness and abortion for over 30 years. They believe that God’s people are at their best when they respond with compassion toward those who are vulnerable, voiceless, or misled. God has called them to serve the women in our city facing unplanned pregnancies, the children they carry, students who are in desperate need of transformation in their relationships and sexuality, and men and women burdened by the pain of past abortion. In the midst of issues as politicized as abortion and sexuality, they are convinced that in order to be a faithful witness of Christ in the world, they must be present with the people that are being impacted and love them.

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MAF is a holistic ministry which ministers to the spiritual and physical needs of isolated people by overcoming many types of barriers to the Gospel. David and Christine’s focus is using aviation to support the work of many organizations and the indigenous church by transporting supplies, missionaries, medical and dental teams, and aid workers.

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Daniel and Kimberly are serving with Josiah Venture in Olomouc, Czech Republic. They are helping develop a youth ministry in a young church plant in Olomouc. They are also responsible for helping other Josiah Venture missionaries in Czech serve effectively and partner well with local Czech churches.

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Dr. Val & Waffle minister to the unreached tribal herdsmen in NE Uganda, as veterinary missionaries. By developing trust through common bond of livestock, they are able to open the door to the gospel and to touch the lives of the people. Dr. Val continues to lead a peace project which is bringing violent, aggressive warriors and tribal elders together in peaceful coexistence with their former enemies.

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Scott and Maggie serve with OC International and are based in Johannesburg, South Africa. They strategically partner with indigenous leaders in Swaziland, Zimbabwe and South Africa to equip them to reproduce other servant leaders and start churches in still unreached parts of their country. They also encourage women who have suffered many hardships and losses.

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(For security reasons, names have been changed)
Paul and Esther serve as staff with Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ). God has given them a heart and vision to reach the top 20% of influential business, political, and community leaders in the large, unreached Muslim country where they live. Esther is the daughter of one of the first converts from Islam in the country where they live. She is a certified executive coach and also serves on Cru’s National Leadership Team in her country. Paul is a Portland native, a trained consultant in leadership development, serves as a deacon in their local church, and also is on the board of their country’s Christian Business Association.

An extension of the Stankovic’s ministry, the Gypsy leaders and co-workers diligently minister to evangelize and establish churches in the surrounding towns and villages, plus build a strong local “mother” Church in Leskovac. They have created opportunities to make a difference through the local TV and radio. They have regular programs with songs, preaching, and testimonies from the churches, and are politically active.

Since her husband Mio’s going to Lord in 2009, Else has continued to help the churches and people in Serbia. Besides serving where needed, she is especially focusing on ministering to the widowed and singles, forming such groups in the Serbian/Gypsy fellowships in the southern part of the country.

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IGL focuses on reaching the unreached rural portions of India (which is approximately 75% of the population). IGL’s pillars of ministry are evangelism, discipleship, church planting, education, agricultural assistance, economic empowerment, and medical programs.

A ministry of India Gospel League, the “Barefoot Pastor” and his family take up residence in a village where he serves a local congregation in addition to the geographic region to which he has been assigned. A pastor is sponsored until a village church has grown enough to support him financially.

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After serving for 25 years as the Children’s Pastor at Rolling Hills, Gary is now Kids Around the World’s Global KIDStory Director. He has a passion to inspire and equip children’s leaders in how to reach and disciple children, especially those in the “uttermost parts of the world.” KIDStory utilizes universals that work with anyone, anywhere, at anytime. It is impacting children’s lives with God’s transforming hope by the telling of God’s Story and the working of His Spirit. KIDStory is all about creating learning environments that are fun, relational, and reproducible.

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With a focus on Central Asia and Eastern Europe, Joel and DeAnn Vermillion invest in training indigenous youth leaders around the world with the Wilderness Ministry Institute (WMI). The vision of WMI is for young people in every culture to personally encounter Jesus Christ and have an opportunity to grow in their faith through transforming wilderness experiences. WMI’s mission is to develop outdoor leaders who are committed to local relational youth work, who are humble in heart, and who will excel in the skills of safely and effectively introducing young people to Jesus Christ through outdoor adventure.

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Sam and Rowanne are serving in Vietnam, teaching English at universities. Teaching gives them a wide audience (over 100 students per year each) and a platform from which to launch personal relationships outside of the classroom. Vietnamese people are mired in the cultural attachments to a branch of Buddhism that mixes Buddhism with Hinduism, spiritism, and ancestor worship. With its fatalistic belief in karma and the hopelessness of trying to earn enough merit to advance to a more favorable reincarnation, but never knowing how much merit is enough, the culture is riddled with hopelessness and fear. Sam and Rowanne use the classroom as a doorway to open friendships with students that lead to sharing their hope and joy.

Practical Love encourages us to love on others in our community and world in practical ways.