Title: Worship and Production Associate

Reports to: Worship Arts Pastor

Date Posted: 9/1/2016

Position: Part-time (20 hours per week)



Reach the world, one person at a time, as we learn to think, love and live like Jesus, and reproduce that in the lives of others



The Worship and Production Associate provides musical and technical support to the Worship and Production ministries at Rolling Hills in connection with our weekly worship Gatherings, as well as all other areas of the church served by the Worship and Production ministries. This includes, but is not limited to, music direction of worship bands, running musical rehearsals, leading worship, audio engineering, stage management and video production. Position may also perform other duties as assigned within the Worship and Production ministries to support.



  • Accountability – I am accountable for my continued spiritual growth and development to be more like Jesus
  • Effectiveness – I am committed to the advancement of the Kingdom of God through building and maintaining effective ministry organizations and efforts
  • Service & Stewardship – I am committed to following Jesus’ example in sacrificially serving with our time, talent and resources
  • Respect – I respect others’ calling and demonstrate respect and self-control in all of our interpersonal interactions
  • Resolution – I will directly address and attempt to resolve all disagreements quickly and respectfully even if it involves the potential for conflict
  • Safety – I will actively contribute to a safe work environment that fosters creative thinking, sharing of ideas and the freedom to ask questions without reprisal
  • Unity – I will personally and publicly support leadership’s final decisions and own the implications of those decisions with our attitude and actions




Music Director

  • Ensure chart accuracy for music for each Sunday either through procurement or creation of charts, lead sheets, etc.
  • Provide reference recording for music for each Sunday either through procurement of recording or creation of recordings.
  • Ensure lyric accuracy with ProPresenter volunteer.
  • Pre-Communication with worship team on specific musical parts to prepare for prior to Thursday rehearsal.
  • Work with Worship Arts Pastor and Worship Administrator on scheduling teams.
  • Run musical rehearsals on Thursday evenings.
  • Regular member of worship team.
  • Assist Worship Arts Pastor in training and coaching of worship team members

Music Production

  • Prepare click tracks for Sunday Gathering worship.
  • Assist Worship Arts Pastor in preparation of supplemental loops, tracks and other musical production elements used each week.
  • Programming and tech support for various instrument positions (programming keyboard/synth sounds, setting guitar tones, etc)
  • Backline maintenance
    • Management of storage and proper use of musical equipment.
    • Coordinate repair and maintenance of musical equipment. (Keyboards, Drums, Guitars, Amps, etc)
  • Assisting Production Pastor with stage patching and line checking each week.
  • Assisting Production Pastor with setup and striking of stage each week as needed.

Worship Leader

  • Is able to lead worship once a month vocally.
  • Spiritually mature enough to craft worship sets that are rooted in Scripture and led by the Holy Spirit.
  • Discerns which songs are going to be the right choices for Rolling Hills, not just the popular choices.

Audio/Video Production Support

  • Provide shooting and editing support for approved video projects
  • Must be trained on mixing consoles in Worship Center, Fellowship Center and Back Room to provide audio engineering support for Sunday Gatherings as well as other secondary gatherings.
  • Must be trained in video systems in WC, FC and Back Room to provide A/V support for small events and secondary gatherings.



  • Personal Relationship with Jesus
  • Spiritual Maturity (Gal. 5: 22-23)
  • Willing to accept feedback and incorporate as well as demonstrates ability to change
  • Adapts effectively to changing priorities
  • Performs effectively in pressure situations
  • Strong work ethic
  • Positive attitude with demonstrated respect for individuals (i.e. no gossip)
  • Loyal team player with submitted heart toward leadership
  • Excellent ability to communicate both oral, written, and via technology to:
    • Church Leadership
    • Church Staff
    • Volunteers (aged 16-Senior Citizen)
    • Congregation
    • Community Members
  • Excellent ability managing and completing complex tasks and projects according in a timely and efficient manner and on a consistent basis



  • Strong vocalist. Can maintain good pitch, tone and articulation. (Required)
  • Multi-Instrumentalist proficient in more than one instrument. (Preferred)
  • Associate’s Degree or an equivalent of 2 years experience. (Preferred)
  • Excellent computer skills (Required)
    • Intermediate level proficiency with Planning Center Online Services module.
    • Intermediate level proficiency with multiple Digital Audio Workstation software platforms: Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Logic Pro X and MainStage
    • Intermediate level proficiency with Sibelius and/or Finale notation software platform.
    • Beginner level proficiency in with Adobe Premier Pro CC NLE Software
    • Beginner level proficiency in Final Cut Pro X NLE Software
    • Beginner level proficiency in ProPresenter Graphics Presentation Software
  • Willing to be trained to operate Yamaha O1V Mixing Console (Required)
  • Willing to be trained to operate Yamaha PM5D Mixing Console (Required)
  • Excellent oral and written communication, human relation, and problem-solving skills (Required)
  • Excellent self-management skills; able to work well collaboratively or independently depending on the need (Required)
  • Ability to adapt and excel in an ever-changing environment (Required)
  • Willing to learn how to write horn and string parts (Preferred)


PHYSICAL/MENTAL ABILITIES AND PROCESSES (what reasoning and decision-making activities are involved in performing job)

  • Advanced reasoning skills
  • Strong decision making abilities
  • Ability to lift up to 20 lbs. and move items for up to 1 hour
  • Ability to stand for up to 4 hours
  • Ability to sit for up to 8 hours


Application Instructions

• Please send your cover letter and resume to jobs@rollinghills.org and reference the position you are applying for in the subject line.