Upcoming Series

Starting October 15 at 9 & 11 AM, join us for a new teaching series “Community: Living Like Jesus.” We’ll spend a month exploring how Jesus lived in community and how we are called to do the same. Come learn about how Jesus thought, how He loved people radically, and how He broke down barriers so that all could know Him.

There will be study books to purchase that accompany the upcoming series. Stay tuned for more information!

We also encourage all to join a Community Group before the series begins. Click the button below to be placed in a group.

Current Series

Join us for our teaching series “Romans: Death to life.” We’ll dive into the book that many scholars, theologians and philosophers have said, “If there is one book in the Bible you should know, it’s the book of Romans.” Many of the questions the Apostle Paul answers in this book to the new followers of Jesus in Rome, aren’t much different than the ones people are asking today in Portland.

Why is the world so messed up?
What’s the cause?
Why do I have this internal struggle of wanting to do what is good and right and yet so often I disappoint myself?
Is there hope?

The Apostle Paul wrote this book to not only give the Romans a clear understanding of God and ourselves, but also to show what God did in order for us to have new life. This study will help give you answers to make sense of the world and will forever change your perspective of God and yourself. You’re not going to want to miss this!

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