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In early 2022, Lead Pastor Bill Towne announced that he had a growing conviction that the Lord was leading us to start the process of finding our next Lead Pastor. Bill and the elder team put together a transition plan with the intent to have a new Lead Pastor work side-by-side with Bill until he retires on December 31, 2024.



For several years I have had a growing conviction that the Lord is leading us to start the process of finding our next Lead Pastor. I have been talking to the Elder Team for a while about what that would look like. Kathy and I love our faith family and want to do everything we can to do this process well for the long term health of Rolling Hills. It is important to complete the Lead Pastor Transition process while I am healthy, energized and enjoying ministry.  

To that end, selected elders and myself have interviewed several different churches on the west coast who have recently gone through healthy and successful Lead Pastor transitions.  Each of those churches also recommended the book Next: Pastoral Succession That Works, which we then read as an Elder Team last year.  These interviews as well as the book have been very helpful in shaping the process we will use.  

The staff and elder team feel like God has given us clear marching orders regarding our mission, vision, beliefs and culture. We are committed to finding a Lead Pastor who reflects our existing DNA. We know this process will not happen overnight.  As the Elders and Lead Pastor Transition Team move through the process, our heart is to be transparent and let the church body know where we are every step of the way. 

 We ask that you would join us in praying for God’s wisdom and guidance for our team, the future Lead Pastor of Rolling Hills, and our faith family.  

Bill Towne

Bill & Kathy Towne

next steps

We are continuing to interview Lead Pastor candidates. These interviews will continue until we have identified one candidate that we strongly believe God is calling as our next Lead Pastor.

Once this team has identified that man, Phase 2 of the interview process will begin. This phase involves additional interviews and meetings with the top candidate and key staff, key lay leaders, and the elder team.

If God continues to confirm our choice, the leading candidate will then make an onsite visit for final in-person interviews and meetings with staff, elders, and some lay leaders, and to observe our church. If the candidate and elders agree to proceed, this final candidate will then visit Rolling Hills again to teach during the Sunday Gatherings and to meet with faith family members. Lay elders then must vote unanimously before any job offer will be extended.

Our hope is to have an accepted job offer by early fall so he can begin a 3- to 4-month transition process with Pastor Bill.


Receive weekly text prayer prompts to keep us connected to the heart of God throughout this process. Sign up by texting PRAY to 503.966.9177.


Timeline can be downloaded below in the Documents section. There is also a detailed timeline available that includeds more information. 


UPDATED May 7, 2024

Check here to see the most recent updates and what actions are currently taking place.

  • We are continuing to interview Lead Pastor candidates and trusting that God will lead us to the man He has chosen in His perfect timing. (Read more about our intervie team HERE). 
  • The next phases of the interview process will begin when the interview team makes a recommendation of one man for further consideration as our next Lead Pastor. Once that occurs, several more interviews and meetings with staff, elders, and lay leaders will take place as we prayerful seek God’s will regarding this important decision. 
  • We will continue to update our faith family about our progress. Once it’s clear to the elder team who we believe God is calling as our next Lead Pastor, the faith family will get an opportunity to interact with the candidate and provide any comments to the elder team before a final decision to hire him is made.


      How many people have applied?

      The Slingshot Group has reviewed more than 50 total candidates from throughout the US for the Lead Pastor position and continues to review additional applicants as we continue the interview process. 

      Updated May 2024

      When will we know more about the candidates/interviews?

      We will be conducting multiple interviews with each candidate. When we reach a phase where we think we have found the likely candidate, they will be introduced and have the opportunity to teach at a Sunday Gathering. We will announce this in advance. 

      Updated April 2024

      Who are the interview team members?

      After several months of prayerful consideration and discussion, the elder team selected four lay members to join a team of six lay elders on the Initial Interview Team. You can see their names, photos, and read a brief overview about each person below. Click here to see the team.

      Updated January 2024

      Who else will get a chance to interview the candidates?

      Once the interview team has selected the most qualified candidate, the lay elder team will begin the next phases of the process. The top candidate will be invited to meetings with the elder team, some staff members, and some lay leaders as the next steps in the process.

      Updated January 2024

      Will the faith family get a chance to see the person before they are selected?

      Yes! Once a final candidate is identified, the final phase of our interview process will include opportunities for the faith family to meet the candidate, hear him teach in a Sunday Gathering, interact with him and his family, and provide comments to the elder team.

      Updated January 2024

      Who makes the final decision?

      The lay elders are specifically tasked in our bylaws with making the final decision to make a job offer to the candidate we believe God is calling as our next Lead Pastor. Our goal is to have overlap between the new Lead Pastor and Pastor Bill.

      Updated April 2024


      What is the process for choosing a new Lead Pastor? How is the decision made?

      Our process started with prayer, and prayer is a fundamental part of our entire process. We believe that God has already determined who should be the next Lead Pastor and we’re going to prayerfully seek God’s guidance to lead us to that man. 

      With God’s help, we’ve created a multi-step Lead Pastor Transition Plan. You can see our process plan on this website. We are updating it on a regular basis to keep the information and timeline as accurate as possible. We are now entering the active recruitment phase. Here’s a brief summary of the recruitment process.

      1. Slingshot Group is conducting a robust vetting process for all candidates. Slingshot Group is working with Rolling Hills to schedule an interview for each highly qualified candidate.
      2. An Initial Interview Team of elders and lay members is conducting interviews with each candidate.
      3. Once the Initial Interview Team selects a top candidate, that candidate will enter Phase 2 of our interview process where he will meet with key staff members who provide feedback to the elder team.
      4. The final phase of our interview process will include opportunities for the faith family to meet the candidate(s), hear him teach in a Sunday Gathering, interact with him and his family, and provide comments to the elder team.
      5. The lay elders are specifically tasked with making the final decision to make a job offer to the candidate we believe God is calling as our next Lead Pastor. Our goal is to have overlap between the new Lead Pastor and Pastor Bill.

      Updated May 2024

      When does Pastor Bill plan to transition out of the Lead Pastor Role?

      Pastor Bill is committed to transitioning out of the Lead Pastor role with excellence in a way that sets the next pastor and the congregation up for success. The goal is to have some transition time between Bill and the incoming Pastor during 2024, with Bill’s official last day in the role being December 31, 2024.

      Reviewed April 2024

      What happens if we haven’t found a new Lead Pastor before Pastor Bill leaves?

      Although we firmly believe the Lord will guide and bless this process in a timely fashion, there is always the possibility that the Lord’s ways and timing are different than ours. The way we are going about this process includes a time period where the new Lead Pastor will overlap with Pastor Bill. Bill isn’t scheduled to step down until the end of December, 2024, so, if we have not hired a new Lead Pastor by early fall, we still have time to pray and discuss our next steps. 

      Reviewed May 2024

      Does Pastor Bill know what he will do after transitioning out of the Lead Pastor role?

      Bill and Kathy are excited about what God is doing at Rolling Hills, and are committed to be a part of the Rolling Hills family and God’s work here. The elder team also strongly desires to see Bill and Kathy continue to be part of our faith family long after Bill’s role as Lead Pastor concludes. Bill will likely take a break from Rolling Hills in early 2025 to provide some time for the next Lead Pastor, our staff, and our faith family to serve alongside one another and deepen those relationships, but then Bill absolutely plans to be back as part of the faith family.

      Bill has been praying and seeking God’s guidance and clarity on how God will use him after the transition. Bill wants to be a strong supporter and encourager for the next Lead Pastor, and there are many other things on Bill’s heart, but he is taking this time to thoughtfully and prayerfully consider his future role. The elder team is also partnering with Bill in this process.

      Updated June 2022

      Can I submit a recommendation for a new Lead Pastor? If so, how?

      You can submit a recommendation at any time to the Lead Pastor Transition Team via email to
      You can also share the job posting with any person you think is a good candidate. You can find the job posting HERE.

      Updated October 2023

      What are the minimum Lead Pastor qualifications?

      There are two areas that are non-negotiables. The first is that the candidate needs to have the Biblical qualifications to be an elder from 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. The second is that we are seeking a leader who has a heart and passion for the vision and mission that God has called us to fulfill at Rolling Hills along with alignment to our core beliefs. (You can see those here.)

      You can view the job posting HERE.

      Updated October 2023

      Will internal candidates be considered for the lead pastor role?

      Yes. The recruitment will be open to internal and external candidates.

      Reviewed August 2023

      How can I be praying for the Lead Pastor Transition Team and Pastor Bill during this transition?

      Although a lot of effort is going into this transition process, the elder team desires to be fully dependent on the Lord and His guidance and direction. Here are some ways you can be praying with us:

      • Pray for unity in our direction and purpose, for us to stay connected to God’s heart, and to listen for His voice above all others.
      • Pray for Pastor Bill and Kathy as they seek to honor the Lord in graciously closing this season of their lives and starting a new season where they desire to continue to serve the Lord and the faith family of Rolling Hills in a different capacity.
      • Continue to pray for the man that God will call to serve as our next Lead Pastor. Pray for his heart to be open to this calling from God and for God to bless him and protect him while also making it clear to the elder team that this is the person God has chosen for us.
      • Ask God to open your eyes to people He brings into your path that He wants you to minister to.  
      • Pray for Pastors Marc Huchette, Jen Gulbrandson, and Aaron Doerr as they help lead the staff during this Lead Pastor transition. Pray for God to continue to bless, protect, and work through our wonderful staff. 
      • Continue to pray for protection from spiritual attacks against our faith family, our staff (especially Pastor Bill), and our elder team as we walk through the recruitment phase.
      • During this season of transition, pray that God will continue to strengthen the family and impact of Rolling Hills. Specifically, that more “fans” of Rolling Hills would become “owners” (participation, service, and giving).
      • Praise God for those who have been faithful givers. Pray for us to continue to give generously as we enter this season of transition so we can remain in a financially healthy state.
      • Pray that our church family will clearly see God’s hand in all of this and remain committed to God’s mission and calling for Rolling Hills.

      Updated May 2024

      What can be expected in terms of communication efforts from the Lead Pastor Transition Team to the Church?

      Our goal has been to communicate regularly with the congregation across a variety of platforms. Church members have heard from the Lead Pastor Transition Team occasionally from Pastor Bill during Sunday morning Gatherings, through social media videos, and email updates. In addition, this webpage will continue to serve as a central location for transition updates. Video updates (which are posted on this page) are emailed periodically to the Rolling Hills family via RH News. You can view all the videos produced so far by clicking on the down-arrow on the upper left corner of the Lead Pastor Transition video image on this page. The FAQ section is updated frequently, but if you have a question that isn’t answered on this page, please email us at

      Updated August 2023

      How can I submit a question to the Pastoral Transition Team?

      Questions can be emailed to

      Reviewed August 2023



      The elder team provides overall leadership, oversite, and authority in the Lead Pastor Transition process. A core team of elders will act as a steering committee (Lead Pastor Transition Team) to provide day-to-day leadership, guidance, project management, and consistency throughout the process. 

      To see all elders, click here.



      Elder, Former Elder Chairman


      I’ve been part of the Rolling Hills family since August 1998. My wife, Mary, and I have been married for 45 years and have four daughters and five grandchildren. Three of our daughters (Annette Gardiner, Melinda Bouley, and Christine Easterly) live in the local area and are also active members at Rolling Hills. You’ll find me most often assisting the Worship Arts and Production teams as a director for our Sunday Gatherings, serving as a community group leader, partnering with the staff in leadership development cohorts, and helping with administrative duties in the pickleball ministry in the lower level.

      Prior to my retirement in April 2020, I was the division leader for a safety and health consulting team of more than 70 people at a large insurance company. I’ve worked in many different management roles throughout my career while also serving in leadership roles at my previous church in Southern California. I’ve also served as an elder at Rolling Hills for 10 of the last 12 years and was the chairman of our elder team in 2016. Rolling Hills is my faith family and I am deeply committed to doing my part to help us successfully accomplish all that God intends for us to do. 

      As part of the elder team, I took part in earnestly seeking God’s guidance to craft our mission and vision, and I am very grateful for the amazing ways God has used Pastor Bill to help us move that forward. Even though I love Bill and Kathy and I greatly enjoy listening to God speak truth through Bill’s teaching on Sunday mornings, I totally support his decision to create a transition to a new lead pastor and I trust that God has another man already waiting for us who shares that same heart, passion, and vision.


      Elder, Former Elder Chairman


      I started attending Rolling Hills in 1978 and it has been my church home ever since. My wife Kristi and I have been married for 30 years now.  Our two children (Ryan and Madeline) grew up at Rolling Hills and were both actively involved and have served in the youth programs.  Madeline and her husband Justin Harrel now live in Boise and Ryan and will be getting married on March 12th to Bri Borror and they plan to live in Wilsonville.  

      It is hard to believe that Rolling Hills has been my church home for 44 years. I have been blessed to have many amazing people here pour into my life. In addition to serving as the current chairman of the elder team I volunteer with the middle school ministries and Kristi and I lead a community group. Rolling Hills is my home.  

      Professionally I have been with Eaton for 22 years where I am responsible for global product strategy for electric vehicles. I look forward to bringing the skills I use at work with developing strategies, defining the future customer requirements, dealing with unknowns, trying to identify future needs and charting a course forward.

      Bill and Kathy have played a huge part in my life, Bill discipled me as a high school student and Kathy welcomed me and a group of awkward boys into her home with love and encouragement.  I’m excited to see what God has in store for them next, but like many of you I will miss having Bill as my pastor. It is reassuring to know that God loves His Church and has charted His path for Rolling Hills. He knows who the next lead pastor will be and it is up to us to listen, trust and depend upon Him through this transition.


      Elder Chairman


      I have been at Rolling Hills for 8 years. I served (and currently am serving) as a lay elder and have been chairman of the elder board in 2019 and 2020. I also serve on the worship and prayer team. I have been married to my wife, Santine, for 28 years and we have 5 children, 2 already married, 1 finishing college, and the last 2 boys about to leave the nest.

      As chairman of the board in 2020, I was involved in the initial discussions regarding Bill’s desire to start the pastor transition process, and in 2021, I continued to be involved in the preparations to start this multi-year process. I am a member of the board of directors at my company and provide analytical skills and leadership to the teams I participate on. I firmly believe that this transition process is guided by the Holy Spirit, and I am excited to see where and how God will lead Rolling Hills in the years to come.


      Current Lead Pastor


      It’s hard to believe, but I’ve been on staff at Rolling Hills for 39 years. I was hired as a part time Student Ministries Pastor while attending Western Seminary in Portland. I served our students and their families for 10 years before stepping into the newly created Executive Pastor position.  In this position I oversaw the Pastors and ministries of Rolling Hills and did this for the next 15+ years. Since 2009, I’ve served as the Lead Pastor. My wife Kathy, my three daughters and their husbands, and now seven grandchildren all call Rolling Hills their faith family. I feel very blessed to have served this community and church for most of my adult life. Kathy and I look forward to many more years of seeing God work in us and His faith family at Rolling Hills as we look to the next season of ministry after stepping away from the Lead Pastor role.

      Initial Interview Team

      Even though the lay elders are the ones who will make the final decision, we highly value the insights, wisdom, and perspectives of this amazing faith family that God has entrusted to us. It is very important to us that our initial interview process includes other lay members who bring different experiences, spiritual gifts, and perspectives to help us be more representative of our church family. The elders and staff prayerfully thought about lay members who are invested in Rolling Hills and our mission and vision. We also wanted to make sure we had the perspectives of women and young adults. Our recruitment partner, Slingshot Group, advised us that a team of 7-10 people was the “ideal size” based on their vast experience. After several months of prayerful consideration and discussion, we selected four lay members to join a team of six lay elders on the Initial Interview Team.

      Lay members


      Lay Member


      Terra and her husband Jeff, have been a part of the Rolling Hills family for more than 21 years. She has worked on RHCC staff and served in lay-leadership over the years. They have two high school daughters who are very involved in our youth programs. Terra is an executive coach, licensed marriage and family therapist and licensed professional counselor. She and Jeff founded Living Wholehearted, which provides counseling, leadership coaching, and organizational development training. Terra has worked with Rolling Hills staff and the elder team on other recruitments, Core Values Index coaching, and has been a source of wisdom and counsel on many other occasions. Terra has a heart that’s fully committed to God and to the work He is doing through Rolling Hills. She also has a passion to help leaders live with integrity in their homes, at work, and in their communities.


      Lay Member


      Terry and her husband, Brett, have been attending Rolling Hills for a little more than three years. You have likely seen her smiling face as she faithfully serves as part of our safety and security team on Sunday mornings. She also served on our Rolling Hills Stewardship Committee where her extensive background in human resources was particularly helpful. After working at Metro for three years, she now works for Mt. Hood Community College. Terry is passionate about the Bible and loves learning. She recently completed her seminary degree at Western Seminary.


      Lay Member


      Jared and his wife, Abigail, have been attending Rolling Hills together for about 10 years, but Jared has been attending since he was just 5-years-old. They have one two-year-old daughter and another daughter will be arriving this fall! As young adults with young kids, they know the value of being surrounded by a strong and faithful group of family and friends. Jared and Abby lead a community group for young adults in the Newberg area, and Jared is passionate about the importance of these groups in building stronger relationships and Christian disciplines with other believers. Jared has also been involved with short-term mission trips with our Community and Global Outreach Team and serves our faith family in a variety of other ways. Jared is a part-time contractor and loves his role as a stay-at-home Dad.


      Lay Member


      Bethany joined her husband, Will, at Rolling Hills in 2010 after they were married. Since that time, God has entrusted them with four, sweet children (ages 10, 7, 4, and 1) who they are blessed to disciple daily as they grow in their love and knowledge of Jesus. On Sundays, Bethany serves as a Leader Coach in RH Kids. During the week, she works part time for Portland Rescue Mission where she has been privileged for the last 12 years to walk alongside hurting and addicted people as they seek recovery and experience life transformation in Christ.


      All the lay elders will participate in various parts of this recruitment process and the entire lay elder team will make the final hiring decision, but in order to keep the Initial Interview Team size more manageable, only these lay elders will be participating in the initial interviews


      Elder Chairman


      Dick and his wife, Santine, have been attending Rolling Hills for nine years. Dick has served on the elder board for seven of the past eight years and he is the current chairman. Dick has also been a part of the Lead Pastor Transition steering committee (a team of three lay elders who have been working closely with Bill Towne and the elders since the fall of 2021 to prepare for this transition process). You will frequently see Dick on the stage playing guitar as part of our Worship Arts team on Sunday mornings. In his day-to-day life, Dick works as the Director of Systems and Controls for SC Solutions.


      Former Elder


      Rick and his wife, Nancy, have been attending Rolling Hills for about 30 years. Rick has served on the elder board for 11 of the past 13 years, including two years as chairman. Rick is currently taking a one-year break from the elder board, but he will be returning in January. Rick attended Dallas Theological Seminary where he received his Master’s degree in Theology and is part of the teaching team for our Sunday morning Gatherings. Rick is also known for his creative talents as the writer, director, and an actor for our dramatic presentations such as our every-other-year Christmas drama performances and the Journey to the Cross experience.




      Mike and his wife, Laura, have lived in the Portland area for 11 years, and Mike has been attending Rolling Hills for eight years. He joined the elder board this year after serving as the chairman of our Stewardship Committee prior to that. He is also the current chairman of the board for the Borland Free Clinic. Mike is the Senior VP and Chief Employment Counsel at Providence St. Joseph Health.




      Don and his wife, Faith, have been attending Rolling Hills for more than 30 years. Don was part of our elder board for 12 years between 1996 and 2010, including four years as chairman. It was during Don’s previous tenure on the elder board that Bill Towne was selected to be the Lead Pastor. Don returned to the elder board this year. He is a current board member (and past chairman of the board) for our ministry partner, Borland Free Clinic. Don is a semi-retired attorney who spends more of his time these days helping to care for his grandchildren.


      Elder, Former Elder Chairman


      Chuck and his wife, Mary, have been attending Rolling Hills for 25 years. They co-lead a community group in the Tualatin area. Chuck has served on the elder board for 11 of the past 13 years, including one year as chairman. Chuck has also been a part of the Lead Pastor Transition steering committee (with Dick, Matt, and Bill) and is serving as the point-person for project management of this transition process. Chuck serves with the Worship Arts and Production teams as a soul care coach and as one of the directors for our production teams during the Sunday Gatherings.


      Elder, Former Elder Chairman


      Matt and his wife, Kristi, have been part of the Rolling Hills family since their youth. Matt has served on the elder board for seven of the past eight years, including two years as the chairman. Matt has also been a part of the Lead Pastor Transition steering committee. Matt serves as a community group leader and is a faithful volunteer with our middle school students. You will also frequently find Matt and Kristi warmly welcoming people as they enter our building on Sunday mornings. Matt works for Daimler Truck North America for eMobility.

      Keith Twigg

      Senior Associate, Slingshot Group

      Keith began his vocational ministry in Southern California after which he served for many years in pioneering roles across the northwest including Campus Pastor, Multi-site Director and Lead PastorKeith has a BA in Business Administration from San Diego State University as well as an MA in Christian Leadership from Dallas Theological Seminary.

      When we spoke to other church leaders about Keith’s work with them, every leader was exceptionally affirming about the role that Keith played in making their recruitment process very successful. Here’s what one leader had to say about Keith:

      “Slingshot, to us, came across with an attitude of ‘This is a spiritual work, and we need the Lord to be right in the middle of it.’ Keith was asking about my personal life, my family, praying for me and our church and for the search process.  They were a ministry partner and spiritual partner. They projected an attitude of, ‘We’re going to walk through this process with you and the Lord together.” We didn’t get that from anyone else.’ 

      Randy Singley, Elder Chair, Morgan Hill Bible Church (near San Jose, CA)


      In addition to elder-only subcommittees to complete some elements of the transition plan, additional subcommittees will be formed as needed to complete various aspects of the transition plan. These committees will include at least one lay elder plus additional staff and/or lay members from our faith family to provide the necessary gifting, diversity, and expertise to complete the objectives with excellence and in a way that is honoring to God. The elder team will determine the specific subcommittee membership.


      Submit your questions to the Lead Pastor Transition Team by emailing us at