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Life isn’t meant to be lived alone. Join a Community Group and experience real relationships that will grow your faith.

Jesus himself chose a small group at the beginning of His ministry. He chose to build into a few men a strong foundation and He taught them to love each other and pass on the good news. He spent the majority of His time with these 12 men; he prayed, talked, walked, slept, and fished with these men.

People gathering in small groups is an example shown from the beginning of the early church. People there gathered to support one another and share the Good News with others. We continue to see this example throughout scripture where followers gathered together to pray, eat and spend time together.


We invite you to join a Community Group this fall! You’ll have the opportunity to join a temporary five-week group! After the five weeks ends, you can keep meeting weekly or take a break, no strings attached! During 5 Weeks of Community there will be an accompanying daily study guide and teaching series in the main Gathering each week.

For more information, contact Angie McKay at


Community Groups average 10-14 people per group and meet weekly or bi-weekly in homes throughout our community. Currently we have approximately 50 groups from Tigard to Clackamas and Portland to Woodburn.


The majority of Community Groups at Rolling Hills are considered ‘mixed’ groups. This means they have males, females, marrieds and singles in them. There are also some with children.


Through RH Women and RH Men there are various ways to find community at Rolling Hills! Through topical Bible studies, hobby focused outings, themed events and serving projects you will be able to build relationships with others of the same gender and interests. To find more about upcoming men’s and women’s opportunities click on the links below:

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Come to our next Join Community class to learn more about Community Groups as well as other ways to find community at Rolling Hills.

ready to join a group now or have questions?

If you are interested in forming a group, becoming a group leader or have general questions, please stop by the Community station in the Atrium on Sunday mornings or contact our RH Community Groups team below.

MEET THE RH Community Groups TEAM

Jason Cybulski

Community Pastor

Bill Colton

Community Pastor

Angie McKay

Women’s & Community Administrative Assistant