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Life isn’t meant to be lived alone. Join a Community Group and experience real relationships that will grow your faith.

Jesus himself chose a small group at the beginning of His ministry. He chose to build into a few men a strong foundation and He taught them to love each other and pass on the good news. He spent the majority of His time with these 12 men; he prayed, talked, walked, slept, and fished with these men.

People gathering in small groups is an example shown from the beginning of the early church. People there gathered to support one another and share the Good News with others. We continue to see this example throughout scripture where followers gathered together to pray, eat and spend time together.


Community Groups are regular meetings of 3-12+ individuals coming together to share thier lives in fellowship, encourage each other and learn more about God’s word.


Community Groups are hosted all across the Portland area at various days and times. There are also online groups available. Click the button below to find a group that fits with your schedule and location.

MEET THE RH Community Groups TEAM

Jason Cybulski

Men's & Community Pastor

Brigette Enright

Temporary Men's & Community Ministry Coordinator

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