September 6-27 | Free

For the month of September, RH Kids will be mailing out special kits for you to do together at home as a family. The series this month is called HELP, a four-week series about Moses and The Exodus. Instead of registering for a kit, we will be mailing out packages to all young families that are connected to Rolling Hills. If you don’t receive a kit or think you might not be on our mailing list, email and we will be sure to send your family one!

One of the first things we teach our kids when they are growing up is who they can go to when they need help. Help! Is a series about Moses and the people of Israel as they suffered as slaves in Egypt and only had God to rely on for help.  Use a smartphone and the provided family calendar to access memory verses, un interactive activities, special discussion questions and so much more! As you walk through each day with your children, it will feel like an Advent calendar with a variety of fun adventures all month long!


Parents, check out this video for helpful tips on how to best communicate the lessons based on age group. 

God helps us when we’re helpless

God helps us in our weakness

God helps when we’re in trouble

God helps us help others


RH Kids is a loving community uniquely designed for your children!

Our desire is that every child, from birth through 5th grade, is personally known. The classroom teaching is directly from the Word of God and spoken in kid-friendly language. We want to partner with you as caregivers to help your child grow on their spiritual journey. Our goal is that all kids become more excited about following Jesus when they leave church on Sunday morning! We hope you and your family will join us on Sunday mornings as we gather together to learn how to think, love and live like Jesus.

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Books and Resources

Parents, if you are looking for new books and activities to do with your little ones, check out these fantastic downloadable books for kids! These kid friendly stories help your child to better understand what’s going on in the world today, how they can identify their feelings and what they can do to help!


One of the best ways we can help kids to understand and get grounded in their new faith in Jesus is by helping them have good follow-up to a faith decision. This follow-up material is developed for you, the parent, to go through it with your youngsters who have made a decision for Jesus. Our desire is to use a combination of teaching the basics of what the Bible says about our faith and having it come from a parent or other trusted adult so they can get a good start on their walk of faith. We will use some teaching, some activities, some questions and helpful hints so you can be empowered to impart your child with the faith that has changed your life. Here’s to beginning that journey!


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Family Ministry Pastor

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Elementary Pastor

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Early Childhood Pastor

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