We’re excited to launch a new hybrid approach to RH Kids! Kids and parents are invited to join us online or in-person (registration required) at our weekly Family Gathering.



Sundays | 10:15 AM | Live Online

Families with young children, join us each Sunday morning on Vimeo for a livestream of our RH Kids Family Gathering! Through joyful worship, live teaching, fun games and downloadable activities, you and your kids will have a blast learning about Jesus how to share his love with others.

If you live in the Portland-Metro area and feel safe doing so, we invite you to register for an on-site Family Gathering. See below for registration information. 


Sundays | 10:15 AM | Fellowship Center

A small number of families with young children will be able to attend our on-site Sunday RH Kids Family Gathering! Through joyful worship, live teaching, fun games and table activities, you and your kids will have a blast learning about Jesus how to share his love with others.


  • Registration is required to attend.
  • Safety is our priority with social distancing between families, masks required for everyone age 5 and older and high cleanliness standards.
  • Please park in the West Parking Lot and enter through the Family Entrance.
  • Family Gathering map>>
  • Doors will open at 10 AM and the program will begin at 10:15 AM.
  • Each family will have their own table with activity supplies for each person.
  • There will be opportunities to talk and connect with other families, following social distancing protocols.


Using the link below, sign up your family to attend an in-person RH Kids Family Gathering!

  • We can only have a maximum of 50 people on-site each week. Sign up as a family with at least one parent or adult age guardian present at the actual Family Gathering. Note: There is no childcare for toddlers and younger, so parents/guardians will need to manage those younger children during the course of the Gathering.
  • Sign ups will be ongoing since only 12-15 families can attend each week. Each family will be notified that they can attend via email, no later than Monday prior to the following Sunday’s Gathering. This email will include instructions on where to park, where to queue up before entry into the building, how check-in will work, what to expect in the Gathering, and how departure will work.
  • After a family has been able to attend a Family Gathering, they may sign up again and get a new place in the sign up list.
  • If a family is notified that they can come and for some reason (schedule conflict, sickness, travel or other) they cannot participate that particular weekend, they will retain their place in the sign-up list. It is essential if a registered family is unable to come, they must email rhkids@rollinghills.org or text Donna at 503.840.2686 as soon as possible, so we can invite another family to take their place.

Church Center App

Prior to attending, registrants will need to download the Church Center app on their smart device. Once downloaded, enter Tualatin, Oregon as your location and select Rolling Hills. Then follow the instructions to set up your account. This is how attendees will check in to the on-site Gathering. Through the Church Center app you can also register for events, connect with your Community Group and access the digital bulletin.

Apple App Store  |  Google Play Store

If you have any questions or would like assistance, please contact Ministry Coordinator Donna Huchette at rhkids@rollinghills.org or 503.638.5900, ex 255.


We’re going on a Road Trip!

Through the month of October, we’re going on a Road Trip where we will learn about the road map that God has given us: The Bible! 


RH Kids is a loving community uniquely designed for your children!

Our desire is that every child, from birth through 5th grade, is personally known. The classroom teaching is directly from the Word of God and spoken in kid-friendly language. We want to partner with you as caregivers to help your child grow on their spiritual journey. Our goal is that all kids become more excited about following Jesus when they leave church on Sunday morning! We hope you and your family will join us on Sunday mornings as we gather together to learn how to think, love and live like Jesus.

Serve on the RH Kids team!

RH Kids wouldn’t be possible without volunteers like you!

Books and Resources

Parents, if you are looking for new books and activities to do with your little ones, check out these fantastic downloadable books for kids! These kid friendly stories help your child to better understand what’s going on in the world today, how they can identify their feelings and what they can do to help!


One of the best ways we can help kids to understand and get grounded in their new faith in Jesus is by helping them have good follow-up to a faith decision. This follow-up material is developed for you, the parent, to go through it with your youngsters who have made a decision for Jesus. Our desire is to use a combination of teaching the basics of what the Bible says about our faith and having it come from a parent or other trusted adult so they can get a good start on their walk of faith. We will use some teaching, some activities, some questions and helpful hints so you can be empowered to impart your child with the faith that has changed your life. Here’s to beginning that journey!


Mark Began

Family Ministry Pastor

Dayna Stamnes

Elementary Pastor

Hilarie Boswell

Early Childhood Pastor

Donna Huchette

Family Ministry Coordinator

Nicole Brutosky

Pre-K & Kindergarten Pastor