God is using Rolling Hills to reach others through our strategic partnerships within His church throughout the world.

Rolling Hills encourages people to go where God is leading them, but we recognize that our resources are limited. We also understand the value that comes from focusing our efforts in specific areas, so we have chosen three countries — Albania, Serbia, and Nicaragua — where we have established church-to-church partnerships. We also encourage teams to join with our Global Partners in their mission when this gives lift to their ministry.


We are committed to providing trained teams that are not only aligned with our mission to live out Jesus’ call to make disciples one person at a time, but that are also committed to coming alongside our partner churches to meet the needs outlined by each church so as to support them in their mission. For this reason, our teams are primarily made up of people who are in discipleship relationships and actively engaged in helping one another grow spiritually. The purpose of each mission team is to be part of God’s process of transforming people to be more committed followers of Jesus Christ by deepening their relationship with Him and others.


Our global missional experiences will typically require an eight to nine month commitment from members, when they will get engaged in team building, team meetings, discipleship, cultural education, and fundraising. If you and/or your discipleship community would like to participate on a mission team, please contact Zach Gillock at

We welcome your commitment to the Kingdom and celebrate the changes God will make in your heart as you bravely step into the world to proclaim His message.

Global Areas of Focus




Global Partners

Global Partners are organizations and families from our faith family whom we support and whose work is expanding the reach of Rolling Hills’ mission all throughout the world.


Zach Gillock

Community & Global Outreach Pastor

Courtney Crist

Operations & Care Coordinator