Practical Love is making room to serve Jesus by loving those in need in our community and world. Together we can make a difference as we express Practical Love.

We ask that God uses our faith family to better love our neighbors here and around the world. Engage in Practical Love by giving and praying.

This year, for Practical Love, we are making room for loving others by taking on the challenge of Matthew 25 which reminds us that when we serve the thirsty, outsider, shivering, isolated and hungry we are serving Jesus. We invite you to make room for loving others by giving toward the campaign, experiencing the Practical Love Challenge, serving through the Meal Packing event and praying daily. Our goal is to raise over $100,000 before the end of the campaign.

Join us in funding projects to serve those who are:


Increasing people’s access to clean water


Helping people experience a sense of belonging


Addressing people’s need for adequate clothing


Meeting people in their illness and imprisonment


Providing food for those in need

Give Toward the Campaign

Our goal this month is to raise over $100,000. Make a one-time donation or monthly commitment to support Practical Love. Each gift matters and makes a huge impact in how God can expand the Kingdom. Let’s empty those glass display cases in the Atrium! Every red ball represents $250 of our goal to reach over $100,000.


Join us in praying for our Outreach Ministries and Global Partners by signing up to receive a monthly email prayer calendar with daily prayer prompts.


Dave Carr

Community & Global Outreach Pastor

Zach Gillock

Community & Global Outreach Associate Pastor