Practical Love is reflecting Jesus to people in our community and world. We do this by showing love in a practical ways to those in need, and as we see hearts open we share the Gospel. There is nothing better than seeing lives transformed and God’s Kingdom expanded!

We ask that God uses our faith family to better love our neighbors here and around the world. Engage in Practical Love by giving and praying.

Hurricane Eta Relief

Hurricane Eta Relief

As you may be aware the Eastern coast of Nicaragua was recently impacted by hurricane Eta. This was a category 4 hurricane that did extensive damage.

Pastor Earl reports the hurricane has been very destructive. Many buildings have lost their roofs and in the rural communities many homes had been destroyed from the winds and flooding. This is in an area with very little government involvement or assistance. As you can see from the photos and video there is extensive damage.

We’d like to ask our faith family to prayerfully consider donating some money to meet some of the immediate needs that Pastor Earl shared:

  • Puerto Cabezas Feeding Efforts: Rice and Beans – people are starving as much of their food supplies were destroyed in the rains and flooding. Earl is hoping to provide two meals a day in his feeding center in Puerto Cabezas to help with the lack of food. He has contacts where he can buy food.
  • Rio Coco Feeding Efforts: Rice and Beans – many of the rural communities along the Rio Coco river have lost their farms and food supplies. He can get food to these communities and has contacts there to ensure equitable distribution.
  • Building Supplies – many homes and buildings lost roofing in the storm. The standard corrugated metal roofing common throughout Central America did not fare well. This will take longer but Earl would like to help replace the roofs of many homes as well as parts of his own home and church that were damaged.
  • Cleanup and Transportation – there are huge piles of debris and much of the infrastructure in Puerto Cabezas has been destroyed. No one has any idea when power will be restored. Many people lost everything and have no clothes other than what they are wearing. Earl can help people get back on their feet with just a little financial help.

Many times when we hear about a natural disaster like this we want to help but aren’t sure if our money will really get to the people on the ground who need it. We are confident every dollar donated will be used to help people and families who are suffering. It will all go directly to help people in need in Puerto Cabezas and the surrounding native communities.

We are inviting people to make special gifts to our Practical Love fund, online or by check to Rolling Hills. Every gift beyond the normal monthly gifts to Practical Love will go to this need. They will be wired directly to Pastor Earl’s Church Account.

We are also gathering information about disaster relief organizations that we hope are planning to come alongside Pastor Earl in this effort.

Through this teaching series and outreach campaign, we ask that God uses our faith family to better love our neighbors, both locally and around the world. Engage in Practical Love today by giving toward the campaign, signing up to serve and committing to pray.

Our goal is to raise over $100,000, sign up 600 volunteers and have 50 more people commit to pray regularly for Community & Global Outreach. God can make a difference through us!

As we study the book of Acts, we discover how the disciples showed Jesus’ love by caring for the sick, befriending the isolated, offering practical help, loving beyond their comfort, while consistently sharing the Gospel at the right time.

God calls us to do the same: love others, search for where He is leading and trust Him as we step forward.

Give Toward the Campaign

Our goal this month is to raise over $100,000. Make a one-time donation or monthly commitment to support Practical Love. Each gift matters and makes a huge impact in how God can expand the Kingdom. Let’s empty those glass display cases in the Atrium! Every red ball represents $250 of our goal to reach over $100,000.



Our prayer is that everyone in our faith family would be using their God given gifts and talents to love others in practical ways. Rolling Hills has many ministries and partners that you can get involved in. Let us know what you are interested in below!



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