Verbo Church in Puerto Cabezas seeks to minister to the people of their community as they build relationships and demonstrate Christ’s love by providing medical attention, feeding hungry children, providing jobs, and visiting those in prison. Through the faithfulness of Verbo Church, the Kingdom of God is being extended into their community, region and nation. They are discipling and helping 10 pastors and churches along the Rio Coco as part of this effort.

Led by Pastor Earl Bowie, Verbo Church has a growing, vibrant congregation. The Church also oversees two Verbo Christian Schools with approximately 1000 students, and the Casa Bernabe Orphanage. Currently, the orphanage is home to 100 children, ages 2-21. Pastor Earl was himself orphaned early in life and was raised by his grandparents. Pastor Earl now oversees the Verbo Churches throughout Nicaragua and is leading a movement of God in the midst of a difficult season.

In April 2018, demonstrations against some government decisions turned violent and resulted in many deaths. The civil unrest continues at this writing and the US State Department has issued a Travel Advisory rating of 3- Reconsider Travel. We have canceled four planned mission teams and are awaiting improved conditions to resume sending teams.


Dave Carr

Community & Global Outreach Pastor

Zach Gillock

Community & Global Outreach Associate Pastor